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We all can work together to make the world a more loving, connected, and less lonely place. Let's start today. 

What is the Capture Life Stories Initiative?

Let's start a conversation and listen...

We are concerned that old and young are separated and don't get a chance to talk with each other.  We find that sometimes people in our health system---in nursing homes or hospice or hospitals need someone to talk to.  We know that loneliness and social isolation are impacting people of ALL ages.   So let's do something about it.  Our mission is to make it easy for YOU to pick a neighbor, a friend, or a family member...or to begin volunteering in your area.  Opening doors to new conversations about memories, experiences, and the best stories!  

Remember the game 20 Questions? Let's just start with 10 and see what happens! Here they are:

Use the 10 questions below to have a NEW conversation and to build a new friendship.  It could be your grandmother, the guy who lives next door, or a woman in a nursing home down the street.  It's time to engage!  

10 Questions for the Capture Life Stories Project

1. Tell me about your name.  Who are you named after?  

2. What's your hometown? Tell me about your neighborhood.  

Adding more here...

capture life stories -- ideas for you

About LifeBio

LifeBio's Mission

We are proud to raise awareness of the importance of knowing the people we love through the Capture Life Stories Project.  More than 18 years ago, www.lifebio.com began helping people ask questions to bring out great stories!  It turns out this is also great for health and wellbeing! 

Take Time to Talk

Here's your chance to ask members of your community, your family, or other people in your life the right questions to bring out the best stories.  

Now is the Time

Don't wait another day for priceless stories and memories to be lost or forgotten.  Engage deeply.  Go beyond typical social media.  Build a new friendship, perhaps with someone older or younger than you! 

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If you are ready to start building relationships and new connections in your community...if you might even like to volunteer to help seniors...please let us know!   Call +1-937-303-4576 or email info@lifebio.com

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